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francisco.capelo - Skype username

Drawing and Painting Teacher

My Carcavelos Art Studio | Francisco Capelo

Painting Classes

Carcavelos (Cascais) Art Studio

Facebook / Messenger Tutoring | Francisco Capelo

Online Tutoring

Skype/ Facebook Messenger

An Integrated Creative Pedagogy | Francisco Capelo

Teaching Method

Integrated Pedagogy

Art Gallery - Painting / Drawing / Digital

B&W Drawing - "Symbol"
Painting - "Beginning of Language"
Sculpture Mask - "Shaman"
B&W Drawing - "Woman"
Abstract Painting - "Rain Man"
B&W Drawing - "Dreamer"
Abstract Painting - "Horizon"
"Inside nature"
B&W Drawing - "Geometric poetry"
Painting - "Wanted Dead or Alive"
B&W Drawing - "Between worlds"
Abstract Painting - "In Blue"

The artists who have most influenced me

Cubism Artist Pablo Picasso
Abstract Artist Wassily Kandinsy
Informalism Artist Antoni Tàpies
Fluxus Artist Joseph Beuys
Unique Style Artist Paul Klee

Just Me

Visual Arts Teacher - Francisco Capelo

Hi, I am Francisco Capelo,  an abstract artist, a painting tutor, a sociologist and a writer.

I have a great passion for modern painting and I absolutely love to share it with other people

I am an art tutor at my home/art studio in Carcavelos (near Cascais), and also online on Skype.

My influences are mainly abstract expressionist artists, especially Tàpies, Miró and Pollock (yes, I consider Miró and Tàpies abstract expressionists).

I also write social science books that you can order on this site; my digital art prints are also available here. You should also check out my  trilogy of novels >>  Shaman.

I am known for my highly imaginative black and white Drawings.

Also I make customised illustration, contact me!

My studio is in front of Colégio Marista de Carcavelos (Cascais, Portugal)

Carcavelos Art Studio | Painting Teacher - Francisco Capelo
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