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Art Career Plan

. Don´t sell Originals

. Instead: Art Prints

. Useful objects

. Real Partnerships

Author strategy

. New printing options

. Fast book formatting

. Market approach

. Print on Demand

Musician adviser

. Create an Album

. Quality always

. Affordable Videoclip

. Clear conditions

Your Project:

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1. Content

. You need Quality - Period

. Create a unique product

. Image / Book / Music

. Build a Really solid career 

" The musician must be isolated to create something extraordinary to sell..! "

- Rick Rubin

2. Business Model

. 80% for the Artist

. Centralized Payments

. Profit margin must exist

. Sell an Absolute Value 

" A business plan without a sustainable profit margin is just a hobby.. "

- Jason Fried

3. Choices

. The power of Time

. Wisdom, Not action

. You have Many options

. Become intelligent, at last 

" Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes..."

- Carl Jung

4. Marketing

. First we study All

. "Guerrilla" tactics

. FREE paradigm

. Apply thought

" If you can't state your position in eight words, you don't have a position! "

- Seth Godin

What i will do

. Books: Graphic & Pagination

. Businesses: WebSite & Marketing

. Music: Editing & Videoclips

. eCourse: Filming & Structure



Build Something Great
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Implement your Project
Designer's World


( After Market Analysis )

" The Idea is EVERYTHING "

( Conceptual Art )



. Cover Image

. Pagination

. PDF file


. Personal Style

. Business Model

. Marketing Plan


. Record Editing

. Vinyl Cover Image

. Market & Visual Plan


. "The calmer person I met"


. "My best student, by far"

. "A dark Salvador Dalí" 

Z. Mor

V. Moinhos

V. Frazão

V. Alves

V. Cardoso

V. Torres

T. Karjuk

S. Nuno

S. Relvas

S. Cortes

R. Carreira

R. Fonseca

R. Luis

R. Martinez

Q. Zou

P. Ferreira

M. Esteban

M. Bastos

M. Zuniga

M. Belmiro

M. Portugal

M. Costa

M. Leitão

M. Balea

M. Giese

M. Stella

M. Barruel

M. Kawasaki

L. Morgadinho

L. Liberato

L. Filho

K. Haas

K. Megellai

Julia (Rus)

J. Domingues

J. Rebelo

J. Marques

J. Aragão

J. Bello

J. Quintas

J. Suberg

G. Castro

G. Lopes

G. Hague

G. Barron

G. Augusto

F. Viana

F. Ciano

F. Pascoal

F. Jimenez

F. Neves

E. Rebelo

E. Campbell

E. Ribeiro

D. Hickel

D. Desousa

C. Hsieh

C. Lami

C. Saramago

C. Ferreira

C. Botica

C. Godinho

A. Bernardo

A. Santacreu (Esp)

A. Neves

A. Anacleto

A. Saiote

A. Dias

A. Cruz

A. Simões

A. Simões

A. Assumpção

A. González

A. Negrão

A. Palhas

A. Real

A. Gaikwad

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