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. Mission Possible: "Artists: NO more Depressions !"

Consolidação de equipe

Socio- Psychology

1. Unified Social Science

2. New Dream Theory

3. C. G. Jung & A. Tàpies

Homem abstrato


1. Vocation Analysis

2. Integrated Thought

3. A Slower Rythm


Art- Therapy

1. Visual Pedagogy

2. No- interpretation

3. Personal Expression

I´m Francisco Capelo,  Art Tutor, Sociologist and also a Writer, 50 years old.

I am very calm, always trying to have a wisdom attitude.


At my Carcavelos ArtStudio I have a Mental Health Consultations space, and also on Skype/ Facebook Messenger/ Whattsapp many things can be done.

Since University I have been studying deeply:

   . Linguistics

   . Religion History/ Anthropology

   . Visual Arts/ Modern Art

   . Psychology


I feel very close to Jung, Tàpies is my master and I´m connected to two crucial spiritual movements:

   - Zen Buddhism

   - Shamanism

- Artist: Don´t let Depression STOP your creativity !

I´m here for you - and always will be.


Carl Gustav Jung

Analytic Psychoanalyst, Kesswil


Noam Chomsky

Linguistics Teacher, MIT


Antoni Tàpies

Visual Artist & Writer, Barcelona

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