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How I became a visual artist

I have always been a  dreamer...

(but I didn´t know I was an artist)


- the beginning -


Well, I never thought I would become an artist

Then, one day an art teacher saw my drawings..


I still had no faith in myself
Then a psychologist did a Rorschach test with me..
I still didn’t believe it


The teacher and the psychologist came to the same conclusion: "You are a painter", but I still had no clue what I wanted to be

At 18 years old, I suffered from depression and started drawing strange symbols, using art as therapy

After taking my Sociology degree (ended 1998), I decided to devote my life to visual arts

Now I am an art tutor who makes abstract and expressionist painting, who writes books sold on Amazon, who sells digital art prints, who creates elearning courses on Udemy and Skillshare, and makes black and white drawings that are loved by (really) everyone

Feeling very happy - and for the "right" reasons i guess..


Carcavelos Art Studio | Francisco Caplo
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