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Ask Artist Contact - (351) 96 584 88 43)

I only seek - Quality and Personality.

Z. Mor

V. Moinhos

V. Frazão

V. Alves

V. Cardoso

V. Torres

T. Karjuk

S. Nuno

S. Relvas

S. Cortes

R. Carreira

R. Fonseca

R. Luis

R. Martinez

Q. Zou

P. Ferreira

M. Esteban

M. Bastos

M. Zuniga

M. Belmiro

M. Portugal

M. Costa

M. Leitão

M. Balea

M. Giese

M. Stella

M. Barruel

M. Kawasaki

L. Morgadinho

L. Liberato

L. Filho

K. Haas

K. Megellai

Julia (Rus)

J. Domingues

J. Rebelo

J. Marques

J. Aragão

J. Bello

J. Quintas

J. Suberg

G. Castro

G. Lopes

G. Hague

G. Barron

G. Augusto

F. Viana

F. Ciano

F. Pascoal

F. Jimenez

F. Neves

E. Rebelo

E. Campbell

E. Ribeiro

D. Hickel

D. Desousa

C. Hsieh

C. Lami

C. Saramago

C. Ferreira

C. Botica

C. Godinho

A. Bernardo

A. Santacreu (Esp)

A. Neves

A. Anacleto

A. Saiote

A. Dias

A. Cruz

A. Simões

A. Simões

A. Assumpção

A. González

A. Negrão

A. Palhas

A. Real

A. Gaikwad

Art is the ONLY Investment that Really retains and Increases value - but also the "Market" in which the passage of Time - as Francis Bacon well noted - most influences this increase in the value of the piece.

. Buying well and selling at the right time are the key factors here.

And yet, without: Intrinsic quality, it will be difficult to make a profit - at least, in the long term.

There are numerous key artists (in Portugal as in all countries) who completely ignore the Mainstream and current fashions. Men and women - often absolutely GENIUS - may not have the Glamor of a Damien Hirst or Ai Weiwei - but they do have that Quality - sometimes also accompanied by an essential but undervalued: - Consistency, which means maintaining a high Quality in a set of relatively large works.

. Knowing how to buy goes through this "Detail" - knowing where that Quality IS...

- It is at this exact moment that my - fascinating, without a doubt - work of counseling begins, which involves two decisive pieces of information:

. Artist style (mature or not)
. Dimensions and materials (affect value)

The opportunities in a totally unstructured Art Market - are immense. But the profitability potential - supreme irony - is no longer found in the traditional Galleries.

Your Family's Future - depends on the investment you make NOW in Quality Art.

- Let's start ?

30 Years of Experience

2010 - present

2010 - present

Some Info


I Only seek: Quality and consistency of the artist.


Always in Contact and available to Advise on your art purchases.


"Let Time go by: he is your best art critic" - Francis Bacon

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